THE 'WOWIE" JERSEY - collaboration with Geoff Waugh

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The first in our 'LEGENDS MIX' series!!

this design is something we have been working on for a long, long time...

An original concept by legendary photographer/artiste Geoff Waugh

We give you the 'WOWIE'

here’s what Geoff has to say about it:

‘When Greg at FKD suggested a collaboration to make a Bowie inspired jersey I jumped on board faster than you can say ‘Drive in Saturday’!

I’d like to think it was my Bowie bike that gave them the idea but I have to say when the the ball began rolling FKD really went with it. 

They took my childish scrabbles and transformed them in the amazing ‘Wowie’ jersey you see here. With the striking ‘Aladdin Sane’ motifs, there will be no mistaking where my musical tastes lay as I hit the trails. And they even make socks to complete the look!

As Bowie once sang ‘you better watch that man’! Thanks FKD.’









What sets our Jerseys apart from the rest?

- No labels to cause discomfort, our sizing and washing guide are printed in the neck line
- Superior stitching to endure the jersey is robust in the toughest of conditions
- Our best quality material. We don't charge more for the best! Its the perfect balance from not being too warm or cool, but is breathable at the same time. We worked long and hard to get the right stuff and we believe our FKDLux is just that
- Industry leading crash replacement scheme. If your unfortunate to crash wearing your jersey and damage it, then you will be entitled to replacement 50% off full RRP (Full terms and conditions apply)  

We would recommend picking your normal size as these are designed to fit relaxed


                          CHEST                   LENGTH              Chest Size

                          WIDTH (1/2)                                         Inches

X-SMALL    -     44cm                      59cm.                  34/36

SMALL        -     48cm                      67cm                    37/39

MEDIUM     -     52cm                       73cm                   40/42

LARGE        -     56cm                       79cm                   44/46

X-LARGE    -     62cm                       85cm                   48/50

XX-LARGE  -     68cm                       91cm                   52/54

3X-LARGE -      74cm                        94cm                  56/58