NEW DigiDigit Glove - With Lightning Charger rubber connectivity

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The 'DigiDigit' Glove

FKD's 2nd Glove offering ticking the boxes required in a top quality hand cover. Designed by riders for riders on a small scale to ensure the very best in quality

A lighter weight glove than the original HJ

- Breathable lighter stretch Anti Rip Back with Sublimation printed FKD digicamo

- Natural Touch palm with Lightning finger tip charged rubber for supreme grip and phone screen connectivity. No more taking your gloves off to check your phone 

- Internal palm rubber displaying half and half FKD Icon in 'end of bars' grip area

- Oversize wrist strap with embossed and reinforced stitched FKD Icon

- 3 colours SnowCamo - KashCamo - SokoroCamo 

Sizes S to XXL


Width (Middle of palm under fingers)

S - 92mm

M - 96mm

L - 102mm

XL - 106mm

Thumb to wrist (Above Strap start)

S - 115mm

M - 118mm

L - 122mm

XL - 125mm

Middle finger length 

S - 81mm

M - 82mm

L - 83mm

XL - 85mm

Index finger length 

S - 71mm

M - 72mm

L - 73mm

XL - 76mm